All Day (Chocolate) Breakfast

DSC_0010A sumptuous, luxurious independent, Rococo is famous for its exquisite packaging (white with blue woodcuts) and even more exquisite chocolate. They weren’t voted Chocolatier of the Year 2012 for nothing.

Rococo_Sandra LawrenceWhen I heard about their latest venture, All Day Chocolate Breakfast, I was at their Belgravia flagship in Motcomb Street in a trice. The shop’s worth visiting for the secret MaRococo back garden alone, all Middle Eastern mirrors and jungle greenery, but let’s face it, I was there for the cocoa.

I’d suggest taking the ‘all day’ part seriously. Lovely though intense hot chocolate shots, 82% salted caramel chocolate spread and Rococo founder Chantal Coady’s signature ‘power’ granola might be, first thing in the morning it’s a bit too powerful. Call it ‘afternoon tea,’ however, and you’ll be in chocolate heaven.

MaRococo Garden_Sandra LawrenceSit in the dappled sunshine under a spreading, ancient plane tree, slather new-baked artisan bread with 71% chocolate ganache, bite into a mini billionaire’s lemon shortbread and feast. The tasting menu is prepared to order, so needs to be booked in advance, but believe me, it’s worth it.

Pantechnicon_Sandra Lawrence loOne last thing – if you’re going to Rococo, look out for a strange, Greek-style building in the same street with ‘Pantechnicon’ emblazoned in black over its massive doric columns.

It’s now a pub and upmarket shopping mall, but was, in Georgian times, a furniture warehouse-cum-art-gallery owned by the Pantechnicon company, whose enormous horse-drawn vans were the predecessors of all house removal trucks today, still known as pantechincons.


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